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About us


The main goal of Bluebox is to make the process of shipping goods from the USA, England and Turkey simple, convenient and fast.

Online shopping has become a popular and affordable way to shop around the world. World brands have gained particular popularity, in which there are a lot of high-quality and goods that you can purchase at 70% lower with us. We will deliver to you all goods both for individuals and for corporate cargo from the USA, England and Turkey.

With 10 years of experience in the logistics industry, we decided to launch express delivery in 2021.

Bluebox allows anyone to shop in the US, UK and Turkey, no matter where they are. Sending orders to our warehouse, you receive a parcel to your address. We also provide all services for your convenience and high service.

The entire Bluebox team is constantly working to improve the level of service. Any change, whether it's updating the site, improving the process of receiving and sending your goods, or increasing the level of security, is aimed at creating the most comfortable conditions for online shoppers. We love our clients and are happy to help them. Always and at any stage.

It does not matter whether you have used express delivery services before or not. Try our service, we guarantee you will like it! After all, Bluebox is a reliable and experienced intermediary for receiving and sending goods from the USA, England and Turkey.

With us Fast, Reliable and Profitable.