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Prohibited products

List of Prohibited products

Food products, cigarettes and tobacco products (cigars,galyan, e-cigarette liquid, etc.), alcoholic beverages and products containing alcohol

Products containing drugs and psychotropic substances

Scooter Hover Board, accumulators, shock absorbers, car oils and all products containing oils

Explosive, radioactive, flammable or other dangerous substances, including products under high pressure (perfumes, sprays, dry shampoos, paints, nail polishes, lighters, airbags, etc.)

Pornographic products, products that advertise and promote violence, terrorism, etc.

Animals, animal skins, flora and fauna, seeds

Jewelry, precious stones and metals

Currency (counterfeit money, credit, debit or gift cards, etc.)

Fake money and documents.


Plant seeds;


Perishable foods and products requiring special storage

Weapons (firearms and cold weapon), ammunition, military items, explosives, military equipment, shotgun cartridge reloading components

Items prohibited for transportation by air transport

Goods prohibited under Kazakstan law