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1. Register on the website;

2. In your personal account on, the addresses of our warehouses in USA, England, Germany and Turkey will be displayed,

3. When placing an order on the site from which you want to place an order, enter one of the warehouse addresses provided to you as a delivery address;

4. After the parcel arrives at one of the overseas warehouses of our company in USA, Turkey,  Germany or England, you will be sent an email notification. In addition, you can track the current status of the parcel through your personal account on

5. After the parcel is delivered to Kazakhstan, you will receive SMS and email notifications.

Please note that stores and foreign postal services usually indicate the approximate weight of the package.

When the parcel is delivered to the Bluebox foreign warehouses, its weight is checked by electronic scales and thus the exact weight is recorded.

In accordance with the metric standards of the International Air Transport Association, the weight of the transported goods can be calculated in two ways, depending on the size of the parcels:

1. Physical weight

2. Volumetric weight

Both indicators are considered, which of the weight indicators will be greater, based on this indicator, the cost of delivery of the parcel is calculated.

The cost of parcels, is calculated in accordance with the physical and volumetric weight, depending on which weight is greater, the cost of transportation will be calculated based on this weight.

We bring to your attention the calculation procedure.

Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000 = Volumetric weight (kg)

The declaration is to notify about the parcel ordered by the customer in “DECLARE” section in the personal account “” prior to the shipment enters the foreign warehouse.

Order information must be recorded before the parcel is delivered to the foreign warehouses. Declaration of cargo is possible only after the parcel is delivered to the courier by the seller and the tracking number is provided.

The declaration shall indicate the tracking number, store name, product category and the invoice document provided by the seller shall be attached.

Every parcel delivered to the airport of Kazakstan is required to undergo customs inspection.

In order to avoid delays, the customer must log in to his/her personal account and declare the information about the order in advance.


In rare cases, Sellers send a customer package without specifying a tracking number. In this case, the declaration must be completed only after the parcel enters the warehouse.

Accuracy and correctness of the data is a prerequisite for timely delivery of the package.

You need to pay for the delivery by credit card after the parcel arrives at our foreign warehouse. Please note that we only pay for shipping from our warehouses to Kazakhstan. If the store includes in the purchase the cost of delivery to our warehouse in the USA, England and Turkey, then you pay for it yourself along with the product itself. Delivery within Kazakhstan is also paid separately to local courier services according to their tariffs and payment terms.

You can order at any store. Which deliver in the country where we have a warehouse.

This is a comprehensive service that serves to purchase any product from Turkey and the United States. In this case, we order an order from the online store on your behalf and carry out all relevant operations and negotiations with the seller. In this case, our commission is 10% of the total cost of the goods, the cost of transportation to Kazakhstan is not included in this amount.

  • After the package is fully packaged in online shop, it will be given to domestic couriers for delivery to the customer. The courier service in turn will provide a tracking number for the package.
  • Tracking number makes it possible to track the package from the courier’s warehouse to its destination.
  • Tracking number is different for every package and it's not duplicated.
  • You can track your package location until its delivery to the courier company’s warehouse on the domestic courier’s website.

Return of goods is carried out on the terms of the store from which the goods were purchased. We can help with the return of the package until it is sent to Kazakhstan.

Your ID is required to go through customs clearance.

When buying goods abroad, you must remember about the customs duty, which is paid if the value of the goods exceeds 200 euros and is 15% of the amount exceeding the established limit. For example, you purchased goods worth 990 euros, in which case you do not need to pay customs duty; If you purchased a product for 1010 euros, then the fee will be calculated as follows: (210 - 200 euros) * 15% = 7.5 euros. Obviously, it is more profitable to order goods separately than to make a large order and overpay at customs.

Withdrawal from the balance is carried out by issuing a refund of the initial payment. Direct transfer of funds to the card is carried out minus the commission that was paid when replenishing the balance. The return operation is carried out within 2 working days from our side. Money is put on the card from 2 to 10 business days, depending on the bank. When withdrawing funds from a balance replenished with tenge, the money will be withdrawn at the rate of your bank on the day of return. If you credited dollars, the withdrawal will be made in dollars.

List of Prohibited products

Food products, cigarettes and tobacco products (cigars,galyan, e-cigarette liquid, etc.), alcoholic beverages and products containing alcohol

Products containing drugs and psychotropic substances

Scooter Hover Board, accumulators, shock absorbers, car oils and all products containing oils

Explosive, radioactive, flammable or other dangerous substances, including products under high pressure (perfumes, sprays, dry shampoos, paints, nail polishes, lighters, airbags, etc.)

Pornographic products, products that advertise and promote violence, terrorism, etc.

Animals, animal skins, flora and fauna, seeds

Jewelry, precious stones and metals

Currency (counterfeit money, credit, debit or gift cards, etc.)

Fake money and documents.


Plant seeds;


Perishable foods and products requiring special storage

Weapons (firearms and cold weapon), ammunition, military items, explosives, military equipment, shotgun cartridge reloading components

Items prohibited for transportation by air transport

Goods prohibited under Kazakstan law

Upon receipt of parcels, you must provide your ID

Carrier - a person or a company that perform or undertake the carriage of parcels;

Customer – an individual, who is registered on the site and using the company's services;

Shipping address - parcel delivery address which the client indicates in the implementation of online shopping;

Billing address - the address of the customer's credit card registration;

Order number - a customer order number;

Tracking number - is a unique e-mail identifier that can track the stages of movement parcels;

Order confirmation - it is a confirmation of order acceptance by the seller;

Shipping confirmation - is a confirmation of the order by the seller sent to the customer’s specified address.

InvoiceAn invoice is a time-stamped commercial document that itemizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller.